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by dulan drift, Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 09:02 (85 days ago) @ dulan drift

Scott Morrison: I mean, social media has been eroding the civility of our country, and not just our society, societies all around the world. .. But what happens now is you whack a hashtag, put it out there in the social media, and then people report it.

You can’t have these cowards in their basements going around and trolling people. I mean, social media has given everybody a microphone and things that used to be said and now said, through social media, so I think social media really does undermine.

Firstly, the civility of our society was eroded by the elites lying to us over the origin of Covid (and well before then). If you've got the experts we rely on for information telling whoppers re the biggest event of our times - when we really needed to know the truth - that's the collapse of civilization right there.

In fact the only place you could find half-decent info was on social media/the internet - often from anonymous accounts like Billy Bostickson from Drastic on Twitter.

Morrison: I really do think it’s, it’s really undermining the cohesiveness of our society and that’s why we have taken such a strong stand standing up to those big tech companies and holding them to account.

Fuck the cohesiveness of society! We're not gonna all rally around your lies for the sake of cohesiveness. What's more, it's not the social media oligarchs that are the problem - they, along with MSM, are all for censorship - we saw that with them banning any talk that Covid might be a lab exit, as well as discussion on vaccine efficacy/adverse effects.

Frighteningly, this anti-trolling bill has massive public support. Anti-trolling might sound good but what does trolling even mean? First you have to define it. If it's limited to death threats or racial/sexual hate speech then i don't have a problem, but i don't think that's where this is heading.

Will dismantling a lawyered-up elite's arguments be considered trolling coz it hurts their feelings? We have seen a constant stream of lies from MSM/experts/politicians - will calling them liars or corrupt now be considered trolling?

As for unmasking the cowards in basements - there are very good reasons why those taking up the fight against the Covid Conspiracy prefer to remain anonymous - just ask Snowden or Assange. They courageously used their real names to expose government lies - how did that work out for them?

For example, some of the Drastic members are scientists from prominent universities - for sure they would have been shut down by their unis, sidelined, even fired for questioning the official scientific experts' narrative.

At this stage, despite the mountains of evidence - we still don't know if those responsible for causing/covering-up Covid will ever be held accountable - i'm doubtful they will. If they do succeed in permanently suppressing the truth, will they then come after those who they declare to be undermining the cohesiveness of society?

This bill smacks of being yet another official weapon in the the War on Truth - a blunt instrument to crush dissent - to punish those who dare to call out the institutionalized corruption that has destroyed the foundations of a civilized society.

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