80-90% Omicron asymptomatic (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, February 06, 2022, 11:33 (150 days ago) @ dulan drift

The International Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates between 80-90 per cent of Omicron cases globally are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms, based on data from South Africa and the United States.

So why the fuck are we still living under the heel of an oppressive bio-state regime?

There is no justification. This is a bait-n-switch operation now.

Pretty sure i've just had it - came on 4-5 days after going shopping - weird 'filing' dream i often get when i'm coming down with something - a tickle in the throat - some congestion - bit of a headache - felt a bit woozy for three days - all pretty man-cold level - then fine.

Sucked on some benzadrine lollies, drank artemisa (wormwood) tea, ginger tea, vitamins C,D,Zinc. Don't know if that helped.

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