Aus Football Star subbed-off with 'heart issue' (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, April 10, 2022, 20:20 (86 days ago) @ dan

News: Hosts of Nine’s Sunday Footy Show have suggested Port Adelaide midfielder Ollie Wines’ withdrawal from Thursday night’s match against Melbourne due to a “heart issue” may be linked to Covid-19 vaccination.

The 27-year-old reigning Brownlow Medallist was subbed out of the game at half time after experiencing nausea and dizziness, having played just 27 minutes during the embarrassing loss to Melbourne.

The club announced the following day that he was in hospital with a “heart irregularity – the cause of which is undetermined and will be investigated over the coming days”.

Had wondered when this might happen - there have been reports of athletes having severe vax reactions - but this is the winner of last year's Brownlow Medal (MVP), so high-profile.

The interesting thing is that the football commentators appear to have broken ranks with the expert messaging, by openly linking the symptoms to booster shots. Haven't seen that before from anyone in the mainstream Aus media. That may have something to do with one of the commentators, Matthew Lloyd, himself a former star, having suffered from Bells Palsy which he suspects was due to a booster.

There's a sense the lid is blowing on this - the intimation from the video is there's more going on than the authorities are admitting to.

In Australia, weirdly, they may be able to shut down the likes of Karl Malone and Peter McCullough, or even Djokovic, but they'll struggle shutting down the local football stars.

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