Moderna 2016 sequence ID'd in Covid (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, February 26, 2022, 20:28 (459 days ago) @ dan

I saw an interview with Moderna's rep - he said they would need to 'look into it' but curiously he was pushing a lab-leak, which is not something i've seen from anyone in the establishment, let alone a vax exec.

I wonder if there's some mini-info-war going on here? We've got a Chinese editor publishing an astonishing coincidence that appears to finger Moderna as having something to do with engineering Covid - then Moderna hitting back by stoking the lab-leak.

Although it seems likely Covid originated from an Wuhan lab - it doesn't necessarily mean it was WIV. Maybe they're innocent. There are other labs there working on coronaviruses.

Researching Scripps, i also came across one of the board of directors, Ge Li, founder of WuXi PharmaTec, who has a lab in Wuhan. Could the Moderna sequence have found its way to Scripps, and then Wuhan via WuXi?

Although a deliberate release from WIV is unlikely coz you'd think you wouldn't do it in Wuhan, it may offer some cover for a nefarious actor wanting to set them up - then profit from the result through vaccines (a-la Anthrax). This is all wild speculation of course.

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