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by dulan drift, Monday, April 04, 2022, 18:16 (422 days ago) @ dulan drift

AP: People can have a second booster shot (aka 4th shot) four months after receiving their first. (Which they had 3mths after the 2nd, which was 1-3mths after the 1st = 4 shots per year)

Peter Collignon, infectious diseases expert: The issue is the pandemic is not over. At the moment it does appear for the very vulnerable groups there is a benefit (of the booster).

The decline in antibodies over time is what the booster doses address, but at the moment there is limited data on whether it reduces the number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

The old no evidence routine - used as justification for determining health policy. BS decipherer: it doesn't work but let's jab on anyway while the goings good.

But it is important for the world to focus on making sure all countries are able to vaccinate their populations to reduce the risk of the virus mutating further. Global vaccine access is imperative … if we don’t make sure other countries are vaccinated it puts everyone’s progress and protection at risk.

This global intervention is a theme Lancet is pushing as well:

(T)he gradual effort to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) is threatened by vaccine hesitancy. In Africa in particular, the low vaccine coverage and the ubiquitous vaccine hesitancy in a concerning proportion of the population undermine efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Lancet admits: A history of colonial medical and vaccine research abuse in Africa diminishes trust in current vaccines.

Sure did. In fact only 11.3% of the 1.2 billion people on the continent of Africa are vaxxed.

So i wonder what the plan is for overriding ubiquitous vaccine hesitancy - making sure other countries are vaccinated...

Lancet: We advocate for humane, culturally relevant, and rapid public health action to address these issues.

The fact Lancet, a morally bankrupt institution that promoted the greatest academic fraud of all time, even uses the word humane gives me the creeps. It's a code-word for coercion - we won't wrestle you to the ground and give you the jab - we'll just make it impossible for you to earn a living/enter society/travel without it. Effectively a billion people from Africa are already banned from visiting any other continent due to the vax-passport.

This is where global totalitarianism is on the rise - bringing everyone on the planet in under One Health ring to rule them all.

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