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by dan, Monday, April 04, 2022, 19:09 (92 days ago) @ dulan drift

Lancet: We advocate for humane, culturally relevant, and rapid public health action to address these issues.

The fact Lancet, a morally bankrupt institution that promoted the greatest academic fraud of all time, even uses the word humane gives me the creeps. It's a code-word for coercion - we won't wrestle you to the ground and give you the jab - we'll just make it impossible for you to earn a living/enter society/travel without it. Effectively a billion people from Africa are already banned from visiting any other continent due to the vax-passport.

This is where global totalitarianism is on the rise - bringing everyone on the planet in under One Health ring to rule them all.

Those three words in the same sentence are indeed chilling. They're moving towards humane rapid action.

Action by whom? Clearly they don't mean action by those getting the vaccine, meaning the action of making the choice to get the vaccine. You're right. They're talking about something else, coercion.

You are humane with respect to how take a negative action against another person or animal. You don't humanely hug somebody or lend them your car, you humanely kill them or amputate a limb.

So they're talking about taking negative or painful action against the unvaccinated, rapid action, but they'll make it culturally relevant, whatever that means. I bet they're still working on that one. It will likely involve paying off powerful or influential people to convince the masses that this time around it's all different.

I wonder if the unvaccinated in Africa have been informed that soon they will no longer have a choice.

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