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John Holland - A Bright New Future (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, November 03, 2020, 18:33 (125 days ago) @ dulan drift

(with Chinese characteristics)

First a quick recap:

Dan Andrews gets elected vowing to cancel the contract of an Australian-Euro conglomerate for zero dollars.

He cancels but pays out over a billion

He announces a contract with a rival triumvirate comprising Transurban, (thrice-sold - overseas owned - to a Spanish company - who the fuck knew Spain was home to a mega-infrastructure group?) ……. and...

John Holland - the Aussie brand. Right?

According to John Holland’s website, on the History tab, in 1991 John sold the company to Janet (Holmes à Court)'s Heytesbury, who then sold it to Leighton Holdings 9 years later. (2000)

Then, in 2015:

A Bright New Future[/i]

In April 2015, John Holland was purchased by China Communications Construction Company International Holding Limited (CCCI). CCCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC), the largest listed company in the international infrastructure and engineering sector.

Hmm. The largest - in the history of earth. That’s pretty large.

The $6.5 billion dollar question is:

Who is China Communications Construction Company controlled by?

Disclaimer: You don’t get $6.5 bil if you guess right

Ans: The Chinese Communist Party.

CCCC is a majority-state-owned behemoth. Not surprisingly, it’s the largest Belt and Road Initiative constructor in the world.
With a long rap-sheet of corruption charges to prove it. For example:

“In 2009, China Communications Construction Co, one of the most active companies in BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) projects, was debarred by the WB (World Bank) for eight years for alleged fraudulent bidding on a highway contract in the Philippines.”

This Bloomberg article details a litany of corrupt dealings, including a 2013 U.S. asset-forfeiture case, where “CCCC allegedly paid US$19 million to a son of the president of Equatorial Guinea to win a highway contract.” (shades of Hunter Biden?)

As the John Holland website writer points out:

"This is an exciting time for the business, with new opportunities to be explored. John Holland and CCCI (owned by CCCC) have a shared vision for the future." (my bracket addition, bold)

What is that 'shared vision for the future' exactly?

"At most such companies, the Communist Party occupies a central place in the leadership structure, and it’s no different at CCCC."

In fact:

“(Chairman of CCCC) Liu Qitao, is party chief as well as head decision-maker. In one speech published on a government website, he speaks of turning CCCC into a reliable executor of the party’s vision.

Cool. Therefore, according to the boss, John Holland, is, or is being ‘turned-into’, a reliable executor of the party’s vision - in Australia.

This is Back-door Belt and Road Initiative. And all that entails ...

Hi! My name is Dan Andrews. I will be your compromised narcissist this evening who's ushering this vision into Please remain seated during the performance.

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