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Transurban (General)

by dulan drift, Monday, October 26, 2020, 16:47 (133 days ago) @ dulan drift

So the motivation is a narcissistic need for power - the question is:

What is Andrews prepared to do to get his fix of that drug...?

To understand that, we need to look at the players invited to sit at Andrews' high stakes table - what do they want? What motivates them?

The player with the best hand, way better/bigger than Dan’s, is Transurban.

When you’re thinking about what’s a scary now-future greedy big-data control company look like? - think Transurban. It makes and runs tollways - with all the data-gathering tech that entails - name, address, car, facial recognition, gps tracking… you name it. Australia is the world record holder for most expensive/profitable tollways - and growing. Transurban operates 17 tollroads. "Of the 99 kilometres of toll roads in Sydney, 95 kilometres are either majority or half-owned by Transurban."

According to:

Transurban Privacy Policy:

We collect your personal information in the following ways:
You give it to us. (Transurban’s bold) ...(T)his might happen when you’re setting up an account… (or)...when you use our roads.

(I love the way they use 'may' and 'might' all the time!)

This may include photographs (which we may use for facial recognition where you have consented to this use).
(which you did - see above)

...(and) ...information about your location while using one of our websites or apps.
(gps tracking - in addition to being recorded every time we beep you)

We may disclose your personal information: ….
(...then lists 35 sets of entities and/or umbrella situations where Transurban can share your data - who, no doubt, according to their privacy policies can pass it on and so on. One of these sets is:) our consultants, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers, professional advisers and agents .. engineers and surveyors. (my bold - keep that one in the memory bank - why do they need to disclose your personal info to those guys?)

Then there’s a whole new category titled:

12. When do we disclose information overseas?

We may disclose personal information to contractors outside of Australia and may use off-shore servers for the purposes of data storage. We have engaged contractors in the Philippines, the United States, Portugal, France, India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and certain other countries. (my bold)

(Certain other countries - i wonder which certain one in particular they don't want to say out loud? But don’t worry because:)

We will take commercially reasonable steps to ensure that any overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles (other than Australian Privacy Principle 1) in relation to the personal information.
(Hmm, so what's this Australian Privacy Principle 1? The one they don’t abide by? Oh. At least it was easy to find - it is ‘Principle 1’. According to the Australian Government website:)

“The object of this principle is to ensure .... entities manage personal information in an open and transparent way.”

Hahaha! Sometimes research into dodgy stuff has genuinely funny moments. If you don’t abide by Principle 1, then who the fuck’s gonna know whether you abide by the rest of them…?

So how the hell did Transurban get the deal in the first place and who are these 'overseas recipients'...?

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