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Transurban 3 - China influence? (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, November 01, 2020, 13:35 (125 days ago) @ dulan drift

My first instinct was to search who owns Transurban. I bet China is in there somewhere…

Turns out, no. Aussie owned. New on the block but one of Australia’s most successful homegrown companies. Unsurprisingly. Their share price has doubled since Andrews got in - even with Covid. Not many companies have done that - some have - big tech - goods suppliers - but not many in Australia anyway.

Transurban CEO Scott Charlton (@ 7 million a year), lamented a drop in traffic due to Covid lockdowns, but remains bullish going forward, pointing out:

"Public transport for a while might not be considered the best option … keep(ing) Transurban in a good position long term.”

(Great. So now Covid is being used to justify not investing in public transport. Guess CO2 emmissions and the environment will just have to wait - but wait - it can't wait...)

In another interview he extols a future of driverless cars as drivers of their economic vehicle. He's probably right.

For Transurban re the Covid K-curve? Considering they built and own the on-ramp for the up branch, we can assume the future looks bright.

So how about the construction companies that get the mega-contracts? Did Andrews unplug the Euro-Australian conglomerate so he could plug in the CCP?

Then read:
“The premier introduced tough new state laws last year to require 90 per cent of "local content" ” on all infrastructure projects

Hell! I didn’t expect that. Maybe Andrews is not the villain i was making out! On the contrary. Fuck. I gotta start recanting...

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