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Refusal of ADF help (General)

by dulan drift, Friday, September 25, 2020, 17:24 (164 days ago) @ dulan drift

All of the above could have been avoided, as it was in other states, if Dan Andrews hadn’t been too up himself to accept help from the Australian Defence Force.

Once the chief investigator said, ‘Yeah-no - go ahead mate - you’re free to comment - it’s an investigation not a court case': Andrews offered this:
“I think it is fundamentally incorrect to assert that there was hundreds of ADF staff on offer and somehow someone said no. That‘s not, in my judgment, accurate.”

Technically, he was right there - it’s wasn’t hundreds, it was a thousand. He also swore:

“It has been consistently put to me, that me or others, have consistently said no to help. (truth) That‘s simply wrong. (lie) That is simply wrong. (lie) And the notion that that has occurred – that’s just not right.” (lie)

Meanwhile, a truckload of facts, a convoy of constructions-site trucks, were backing up to the enquiry, making loud reverse beeping noises, hydraulics whirring, as they dumped cold hard evidence.

Initially it was ‘he said/several high ranking ADF staff said’ but the evidence expanded to correspondence; a whopping 140 pages of people begging him to accept ADF help, including an email trail with the PM. The email “detail(s) the pressure Mr Morrison placed on the Premier to accept support from the Australian Defence Force” (and Dan’s refusal to accept it).

Geez Dan, how on earth did you ever think you were gonna get away with that crap? Is that the same narcissism coursing through your character that also emboldened you to declare dictatorial powers for yourself?

But what's fanning the flames of that narcissistic bushfire? Who's the weather in this, the 40+C - the big northerly - feeding in the flattery - governing the direction?

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