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Security Guard Sex Scandal (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 18:04 (170 days ago) @ dulan drift

‘Enter’ the infamous case of the Security Guard bonking an infected patient at the quarantine hotel he/they was/were guarding. How much of that story is true is not clear, but it did escape from hotel quarantine through someone. A less exciting reportsays it was a hotel staff, possibly a cleaner. The same report says “several guards at the Rydges on Swanston were sacked for harassing female hotel staff.”
The net result was a ‘2nd Wave’ where cases went from zero to over 530+ per day by July 27.

The initial reaction, which i also had, was blame the idiot security guards for being Aussie dickhead male types - which some of them were - but whether it escaped through a security guard or a hotel cleaner - these are minimum wage workers. It’s not good enough to say to a minimum wage worker ‘Well i told you clearly several times to prevent Covid re-entering Australia and causing a health crisis and an economic meltdown with CALAMITOUS SOCIAL IMPACTS!!! That’s not the job of the person getting 18 bucks an hour. That’s the bosses job - to manage the response.
Following increased questioning, Dan Andrews announced an investigation and appointed former Children's Court of Victoria judge, Jennifer Coate to head it.
For several weeks thereafter, Andrews refused to answer questions ‘because the matter was under investigation’. This is a known ‘Yes Minister’ stunt. It usually works - an excuse to deflect until hopefully it’s out of the news cycle. Unfortunately for Dan, the head of the enquiry, announced, “unprompted, that there was no legal reason to suppress public discussion of matters before her investigation.”
“Coate’s comments blew away any last vestige of political cover for Andrews and his ministers to bat away questions about the quarantine failures that have led to most (if not all) of Melbourne’s deadly COVID-19 second wave.”

From that point on, it started to get sticky for our man Dan.

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