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An Aside (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 17:52 (167 days ago) @ dulan drift

Two things stick out for me as battlefronts: Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy.

What percentage of the population do you need to get herd immunity to that? To then institute an Orwellian model of governance? From which there's almost no coming back.

70%? Then lockdown the rest? That's doable - we know that coz it's doneable. (Russia, China)

70% popularity rating in a democracy is insanely good - if you can get that level of public support (even as you open a portal to dictatorship), you're all set. That’s what our man Dan Andrews has been persistently posting. Much to my 'horror'. (Was that Kurtz's final realization? The 70% equation?)

I'm sure Andrews won't go on to become Australia's Xi Jinping, but he's laying down a trail to that place, a 'precedent' for 'unprecedented times'.

So why is he so popular? Part of the trouble is that it's a buy-now-pay-later scheme in Australia. All businesses are getting paid to be closed or to make up the gap.

That's nice. Until we have to pay it back - with two of Australia's top three main earners (both non-essentials for the customers) - foreign students and tourism - smashed for the foreseeable future.

Right now, economic hardship is still an abstract concept in Australia - but it will be measured in human misery down the track. To those foisting this regime onto society: if you wanted to start a class war - you're going exactly the right way about it.

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