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Sham WHO-CCP investigation into Covid Origins (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, November 15, 2020, 20:44 (17 days ago) @ dan

Yes, what possible reason could there be for not naming the scientists involved?

My guess is they're worried someone might search their names and find they're up to their eyeballs in CCP influence.

I wonder if any of the guys from the Proximal Origins paper are on the team? Lipkin and Holmes would be prime candidates who can be relied on to make up/sign off on/sell whatever bullshit narrative is cooked up.

Bruce Aylward would almost certainly be a part of it - the guy who gave the Taiwan car-crash interview to a HK journalist. He led the first 'investigative' tour back in Jan or Feb where they returned singing the praises of China. My money has him as leader of the foreign contingent again.

Another would be Dr Bernhard Schwartländer of Germany, WHO Chef de Cabinet and WHO’s representative in China since 2013. Before that he was UN Coordinator on AIDS in Beijing. Sadly, anyone who has been involved with China and WHO for that long is immediately suss. It shouldn't be like that - but it is.

The frustrating thing is that they just keep saying 'listen to the experts' - and hey presto they get away with it - no-one bothers to actually check the validity/logicality of what's being said.

I'm reading a book by Arthur Koestler called The Act of Creation. He makes some interesting points about scientists - one is that the 'boring, impenetrable fog of scientific loftiness' is a crock made up by scientists to avoid scrutiny. Unfortunately it works.

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