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Who's Who in WHO (General)

by dulan drift, Thursday, April 23, 2020, 18:46 (224 days ago)

As Dan pointed out, what we know as WHO, is a collection of 'member states' - a political body - the people we hear from are the staff. This report shines some light on the inner-workings:

"China argued against declaring an emergency on 22 January, but could not have carried the argument alone. The other emergency members and advisers were experts from the US, Thailand, Russia, France, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Senegal, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Their advice is confidential, but for the vote to have been split, several western, or western-aligned, representatives must have voted with Beijing."

Not sure why that's confidential information - the world's citizens aren't allowed to know how their world body voted at such a crucial juncture?

Failing that, i can take a guess. Apart from China you'd need 6 more countries to force a tie - Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia? maybe not - Russia was one of the first countries to close the border with China - maybe Canada on the grounds of that car crash interview by Dr Bruce Aylward? Still needs one more...

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