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WHO blocks the word 'Taiwan' on it's FB page (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, November 14, 2020, 12:48 (13 days ago) @ dulan drift

After again blocking Taiwan from admission to the World Health Assembly, WHO officials even blocked the mention of the word 'Taiwan' from its FB site.

People posting on discussion forums in relation to the decision to bar Taiwan were branded as being part of an "onslaught of cyber-attacks" which were supposedly preventing people from discussing health issues.

Given WHO is the world champion at 'preventing people (from Taiwan) from discussing health issues', that is really a bit rich.

WHO officials said:

“The aim is to enable our users to avoid being spammed through cyberattacks ... and to find a balanced way to keep information and conversation flowing.”

That is the exact opposite of what they are doing by suppressing any reference to Taiwan - still the world's leading country in controlling Covid.

WHO is actively 'finding imbalanced ways to prevent information and conversation flowing'.

This is the same tactic they have employed since Covid began. WHO is a political body and a China puppet - whatever they say is automatically subject to those two principles.

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