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Hunter Biden Story Censorship (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, October 31, 2020, 15:54 (27 days ago) @ dulan drift

This is not to be construed as pro-Trump - i think that's part of the problem that i mentioned before - there's this reacting off him onto 'non-truth' positions. In that vein, it's disturbing how mainstream media - including social media - have suppressed the Hunter Biden story.

It's been on my radar because of the China connection more than the Ukraine stuff.

A crack-head, who happens to be the son of the then-VP, now favoured candidate for US President, is invited to buy 10% ownership, for the bargain basement price of $425 000, of a company called BHR - 80% controlled by Chinese financial groups. BHR invests (big time - we're talking billions) in other companies.

"A wide range of China experts told PolitiFact that it’s not unusual for the Chinese government and businesses linked to the state to court prominent Americans or their family members."

The very fact that it's not unusual, and deemed not newsworthy, is the most newsworthy part!

This is exactly what the CCP's United Front does: uses a combination of money, flattery, and honey-traps to influence influential people. Hunter Biden is a classic example. The CCP doesn't give away millions for the fun of it - they are paying for that influential person to use their influence to promote the CCP's narrative. Their narrative is a global control one.

Barry Naughton, the chair of Chinese international affairs at the University of California-San Diego says (btw you don't need to be the chair of Chinese international anything to know this!):

"This is a standard operating procedure. Bring in an influential person, give him a small percentage of a firm as a ‘finders fee’."

The New Yorker said Hunter Biden arranged a meeting "in the lobby of the American delegation’s hotel in Beijing between Vice President Biden and Li, the BHR CEO."

What better place to lobby than in the lobby?

"This was followed by a "social meeting" between Hunter Biden and Li."

None of it was do with business, the New Yorker reported - except that's how the CCP do do business on this level.

There's some interesting raw material there at the very least. Well-worth following up. If the CCP has been grooming the son of potentially the next President, who is wide-open to blackmail due to his 'off-the-rails' lifestyle - why does the public not have a right to know about that?

Here's a well-written article on censorship of this story by Greenwald, which was itself censored by Intercept, that focuses on (a) the massive media co-ordination to suppress it, (b) the falsehoods used to justify that censorship - including that it was a Russia disinformation campaign despite zero evidence for that.

It's this (b) one that i keep seeing come up - with a Covid-bullet and Chinese characteristics:

We can't tell you the real truth because of blah blah reason. So we're gonna lie.

To protect that lie we're gonna cancel - we're gonna vilify - we're gonna surveil - we're gonna punish.

But don't worry, it's all for your own good.

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