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Mass DNA gathering exercise in HK? (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, September 01, 2020, 14:38 (96 days ago) @ dulan drift

Here's a disturbing one which ties a few threads together. HK authorities are instituting a drive to swab everyone in HK for Covid.

Activist Joshua Wong said it "fuels more concerns that the plan is a large-scale DNA collection," creating a way for a "China-style surveillance regime".

The suss scientists up to their eyeballs in China ties, authors of the silly Proximal Origins paper ("proving" the virus didn't leak from a lab - it was the pangolin that did it! - Lipkin, Holmes, Andersen, Garry, Rambaut), include big lockdown and DNA surveillance fans. Is Hong Kong the love child of like-minded experts and the CCP?

Wonder if the Scripps Shenzhen Bay lab, which specializes in infectious diseases, is cashing in on this big-pharma bonanza - running the tests and what not?

Their website does brag that they are:
"spurring novel solutions to the grand issues challenging mankind. Areas of research include bioinformatics, biomedical engineering and the discovery of innovative drugs."

We had our genomic surveillance trial-run with the Uyghurs - now let's roll it out in Hong Kong.

Next stop - Taiwan.

Then stopping all stations to a town near you...

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