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The Data War (General)

by dan @, Thursday, May 14, 2020, 15:40 (169 days ago) @ dulan drift

Well, exactly. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to privacy. I use a VPN all the time, both on my phone and my PC. I use encrypted email, and I encrypt everything I store on the cloud before it leaves my computer. I don't have social media profiles, and I surely won't be loading tracking apps to my phone. If I'm required to, I'll seriously consider giving up the phone.

Granted, I do have the location thingy enabled on my phone, and I do use Google Maps all the time when in unfamiliar places, and it's great! GPS is a fabulous technology. So it's a trade off and I accept that. But when it comes to the state requiring that I essentially wear a digital tracking device when I've done nothing wrong, well, I'll give up the device.

The question then becomes, do you need the device to do things like fly or get on a train. And the answer already in many parts of the world is yes, you do.

The next leap, the next big leap to all this, is implants, which are already happening. I believe they put them in the fleshy part of the palm, but I'm sure there are options, particularly for paraplegics. (Yeah, that was my attempt at dark humor.)

Many of these changes will be gradual, even generational. They don't have to chip everybody all at once, though the Nazis tried using the technology of the day. It will be rolled out gradually and people will willingly get chipped to simplify their lives. It will be a status thing, sort of like iphones are now. or lots of followers on the dipshit social media platform of the hour.

All this is already happening, just on the fringe. It's already a status thing.

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