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Biometric surveillance Duke Uni (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, June 20, 2020, 22:13 (168 days ago) @ dan

Great article. Wish there was more alarm about this but there doesn't seem to be.

In fact, recognising a face is only the first step of biometric surveillance, he suggests. “It’s really like an entry-level term to much broader, deeper analysis of people’s biometrics. There’s jaw recognition — the width of your jaw can be used to infer success as CEO, for example. Companies such as Boston-based Affectiva are doing research that analyses faces in real time, to determine from a webcam or in-store camera if someone is going to buy something in your store.”

Other analyses, he adds, can be used to determine people’s tiredness, skin quality and heart rate, or even to lip-read what they are saying. “Face recognition is a very deceiving term, technically, because there’s no limit,” he concludes. “It ends ultimately only with your DNA.” 

The other thing was a reference to Duke University and a collaboration with China on facial recognition technology. Duke University keeps cropping up in research i've done. For example, i noticed that the only other researchers explicitly supporting the pangolin theory were from Duke - who in turn operate a jointly run university in - guess where - Wuhan - which in turn houses a joint research facility.

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