Routine Technology Update (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Tuesday, December 05, 2023, 05:40 (230 days ago) @ dulan drift

Is this the new euphemism for a hack?

9News: Westpac said today online services have just been restored to its 13 million customers globally after an hours-long outage overnight.
The Australian bank apologised to customers for the online and mobile banking glitch and admitted it had taken too long to fix.

Westpac (a bank) blamed it on 'routine technology update'. Same as what caused the Optus outage, supposedly.

May well be. Though it seems strange that routine updates have caused two major international ORGS to crash for extended periods in the space of a month. It suggests there's something radically wrong with your routine. At the very least, it's symptomatic of humans rapidly growing remoteness from The Machine that controls everything.

Alternatively, if it was a hack, it makes sense to target those updates as your way in. It's been done before with Oracle.

Either way, it's a concern, especially with digital money being enforced upon everybody in the near future. In the Westpac outage, customers were logging in to find their accounts had disappeared. Imagine that but for longer - or even permanent.

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