War in Taiwan 2023 (General)

by dan, Friday, April 14, 2023, 20:20 (465 days ago) @ dulan drift

This is the sort of thing China is going to do to an increasing degree:

Taiwan says China's no-fly zone will affect around 33 flights

China denies imposing no-fly zone north of Taiwan

Their goal is to foment uncertainty, fear, and doubt. No fly zone, no no fly zone, maybe this, maybe that, the end result is that airlines will cut flights, which is already happening, and the shipping industry will take notice. Insurance rates will slowly rise, resulting in higher consumer prices on Taiwan.

It's a smart game they're playing, and they'll win, because the west has already handed them permission to do all this, and, as DulanDrift has pointed out, those who might stand in their way have already been bought off.

The media loves to post stories about war in the Taiwan Strait because that attracts eyeballs and sells ads, but this isn't going to unfold like that, IMO. It's going to be a slow, steady, calculated economic and infrastructural transition that the western players may even be on board for. There will be no shooting war. There's no need for one.

There may be shows of force here or there, enough to entertain the masses, but I'm afraid this script has been written.

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