What War would look like (General)

by dan, Wednesday, November 08, 2023, 19:08 (257 days ago) @ dulan drift

"Disclaimer: The above is a good reason why such a war probably won't happen - it's not in the interests of those ORG-GODS running the show. If you're relying on the masses to fuel your gravy train - don't wanna be taking most of em out. Covid got it about right - but 2/3rds to 90% - that's too many."

Agreed. The ORG-GODS depend on their subjects. In fact, until they get cyborgs and AI up and running in full, they depend on their subjects to do things like produce food, clean their toilets, and post stupid shit on Tik Tok.

As you point out, the Internet in its current iteration would be easy to knock out, at least initially, but if I remember correctly, it was in part designed as a means to communicate in the event of a communications meltdown, and this is because it's designed to allow computers to connect to each other individually or via nodes, aka servers. The only requirement, aside from the hardware and software, is power. The internet is by design decentralized, but it has become centralized. Yet, the decentralized ability is still built into the system.

Given electricity, you could set up your own internet in your neighborhood and communicate with your neighbors. It's just that we've handed over that intercommunication to the ISPs, but we could actually do it ourselves. It's built into the system. It's open source and free.

And your own community internet could communicate with the community on the other side of the river given one wire (or wireless connection). Etc. Etc. Etc. The way it works now is that there are 'backbones' that carry most of the traffic, both data and DNS (domain name system), and these, once targeted, are what would bring the internet down, but it doesn't kill the internet, actually. Just disables it.

But, yes, things can go dark in an instant. I've long had an interest in short wave radio, and it's still going strong. It's one of those things on my bucket list.

I can see China taking down the internet in Taiwan in any initial strike. I think it can be expected. Musk, asshole that he is, has said that Taiwan can only have Starlink, or whatever TF he calls his shit, if he maintains 100% control of the Taiwan market, presumably so he can turn it off at the behest of China. That guy is fucking evil.

What we see, what we're told, it's all cherry picked by the ORG-GODS as they dabble in their high-stakes games with one another. And they are games. At the end of the day, they'd save each other before their own people. That's why we have these wars that are 'controlled'. They are 'managed'. They keep the ORG-GODS in power by keeping the masses occupied with trivial shit like death counts and refugee numbers, while the ORG-GODS are busy shuffling around their own power between energy, metals, chips, and data.

China can't nuke the west. Who would it sell their shit too? And the west can't nuke China. Who would make their shit? It's all theater.

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