War in Taiwan 2023: Blockade (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Saturday, April 08, 2023, 20:38 (471 days ago) @ dan

Maybe they'll practice some other feature of a blockade that was not part of their last test. Air? Internet?

China launched military drills around Taiwan on Saturday, in what it called a "stern warning" .. following a meeting between its president and the US House speaker.

Dubbed "United Sharp Sword", the three-day operation will run until Monday.

A report from state broadcaster CCTV said: "The task force will simultaneously organise patrols and advances around Taiwan island, shaping an all-round encirclement and deterrence posture."

PLA: (The drills will focus on) capabilities to seize control of sea, air and information under the support of our joint combat system.

You might be right about the internet. We'll see where this goes. Seems clear now that a blockade will be the first step of any prolonged conflict. At least this one is only meant to last three days, but this is exactly the kind of thing that could spark something bigger.

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