War in Taiwan 2024 (General)

by dan, Sunday, June 16, 2024, 16:20 (36 days ago) @ dulan drift

China seeks detention of foreigners in disputed South China Sea | South China Sea News | Al Jazeera

I think we discussed the eventuality of this in a different thread, maybe this one.

It's a move towards a slow, gradual embargo. All they have to do is detain ships, people, flights, etc., with even the flimsiest of legal framework, and it could be done a little at a time, as the above story suggests.

When does exceptional become normal? At one point does that happen? So they might detain a fishing boat, then a ferry or plane (i.e., because there's a terrorist on board).

They've already started taking seizing food airdropped for Philippine forces.

So, what's the order here? First food, then maybe boats and the people on them, then perhaps some shipping vessel, then a plane? And then exceptional becomes normal?

Like building islands.

Smart, I give them that. And it will work because they can always throw the US off balance. Just as the British are way better than Americans at, well, English, but particularly humor and wit, Chinese are way better at political and military taichi.

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