War in Taiwan: a chip in the game (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Thursday, February 01, 2024, 17:07 (172 days ago) @ dulan drift

This is rhetoric from the CCP about the prospect of a Trump victory, but it makes some sense. Actually, we've made similar points before.

Taiwan News: TAO (CCP's Taiwan Affairs Office) spokesperson Chen Binhua (陳斌華) said that the U.S. will always pursue an "America First" policy and "Taiwan will change from a 'pawn' to an 'abandoned pawn' at any time.

Taiwan does control the world so far as computers go - it's a bit more than a pawn. A chip-in-the-game would be a better analogy - a big one. So Trump would want a lot for it - but if he saw it to his personal advantage, my feeling is he would Make-the-Deal.

During an interview with Fox News on July 16, 2023, anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Trump whether the U.S. should defend Taiwan if China invades. Trump said he did not want to reveal his thoughts on the matter because it would "put me in a very bad negotiating position."

He then alleged, "Taiwan did take all of our chip business."

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