War in Taiwan: a chip in the game (General)

by dan, Thursday, February 01, 2024, 18:31 (173 days ago) @ dulan drift

Taiwan News: TAO (CCP's Taiwan Affairs Office) spokesperson Chen Binhua (陳斌華) said that the U.S. will always pursue an "America First" policy and "Taiwan will change from a 'pawn' to an 'abandoned pawn' at any time.

This is one instance in which I agree entirely with the CCP! The US has a long history of abandoning supposed allies.

My take is that a Biden win will result in a more level-headed, strategically based approach to benefit the military-industrial machine of the US, while a Trump win will result in a cluster fuck of instability based on his own warped, paranoid perception of how he can best survive and increase his own wealth. And stay out of jail.

Taiwan does control the world so far as computers go - it's a bit more than a pawn. A chip-in-the-game would be a better analogy - a big one. So Trump would want a lot for it - but if he saw it to his personal advantage, my feeling is he would Make-the-Deal.

He'll make any deal to save his own neck. He'd probably throw his own family under the bus if he thought it would save his neck.

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