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by dulan drift ⌂, Thursday, May 30, 2024, 06:43 (55 days ago) @ dan

You can see the strategy - it's a tried & true one: deny, cover-up, vilify - then years later quietly defund one person (out of many) that contributed to the cause - & that's it.

No actual accountability for killing 15 mil (& counting), covering it up to protect the CCP, or causing massive world-wide impacts - from which all the lead actors profited big-time.

Daszak was always going to be the 'scapegoat' (even though there are no real consequences) coz he's such a baffoon. But how about WHO, which appointed him as their lead investigator to claim that a lab-exit was 'extremely unlikely'? It's an obvious lie - where's their punishment?

Or the Proximal Origin authors (Holmes, Andersen, Lipkin, Rambaut, Garry) with their ridiculous 'pangolin paper'? All of whom were rewarded with massive funding boosts for spreading their disinformation.

Or Fauci, Collins & Farrar who masterminded the cover-up? Farrar is now WHO's chief scientist spearheading the frightening push by WHO to gain even more global power.

Given the result, if i'm the CCP or one of their associated western scientists, i'm busily working on engineering the next 'Disease X' - coz it's just so profitable/empowering - & nothing happens to you.

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