The ORGS: UFOs/UAPs - Black Swan (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Friday, August 11, 2023, 11:30 (347 days ago) @ dan

According to my analysis, WW3 won't be fought between super powers. Why would you do that when you've got everything running exactly how you want it?

Yeah, good point. There's always the black swan event that may influence things. But aside from that, yeah, why would they disrupt this well oiled machine?

Had to look 'black swan event' up - an unexpected happening that paradoxically, we could have/should've seen coming ...

Something like a limited nuclear war, which you've mentioned before - played out in a contained theater - that affords both sides increased opportunity to enact crisis protocols. I can see that, or a variation, as a possibility.

What about some other contenders? According to the definition, it's under our noses ...

Rise of AI - how does that play out in even 10 years? Couldn't be plainer that it's already happening.

UFO/Alien full-contact - that'd shake things up. Or are UFOs mainly here to communicate with computers/AI - not humans? Thanks for inventing us/them finally.

I see room for hope. There's massive interest in opensource everything - hardware, software, AI, whatever the ORGODS are accumulating, there does seem to be a contingent of associated technologists, academics, engineers, etc. (trying to avoid 'experts') who spend time making things opensource. Here's an example for academic publications:

But generally speaking, I'd agree that we're losing.

Opensource is key to combat closed-societies & the people above are fucking heroes. There is a massive disconnect between our rulers & normal people already - ask how many people accept the word of the combined might of the world's leading experts that a lab-exit was "extremely unlikely". I doubt you will find even 10% that agree. We don't know the exact figure coz there's never been a published poll on the question.

Same with the Kennedy assassinations. Same with recognizing Taiwan as a country. Same with UFOs.

There's a reason why ORG-GODS have been so successful at riding roughshod over this disconnect throughout history. They're good at it. Got a system - it works.

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