The ORGS: UFOs/UAPs (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Tuesday, August 01, 2023, 07:23 (356 days ago) @ dan

And let's take another look at the Guardian story posted previously. The subtitle reads: Democratic candidate’s recent false claim that Covid could have been ‘ethnically targeted’ is not an aberration but fits long pattern.

How can an actual possibility be false? The science exists. Such research has been going on for decades.

Firstly, The Guardian-ORG is a corrupt rag. In a tight field, it did more than any other newspaper to implement the Covid cover-up by platforming Daszak's 'conspiracy theorist' name-calling, as well as the Pangolin Paper (Proximal Origin).

Secondly, engineering diseases to impact certain ethnic groups is absolutely a real thing, as you say. The whole DNA Revolution is based on that. Countries working on the tech will say 'Well, we're just experimenting with it as a defensive ploy - in case 'the other side' does it', but it amounts to the same thing. Furthermore, it's virtually impossible to distinguish 'the other side' anymore coz they're collaborating on this tech like there's no tomorrow.

From earlier research:

Gryphon Scientific, Feb 14, 2019: Through investments and research partnerships with US institutions, Chinese biotechnology companies are .. amassing large collections of clinical and genetic data on US residents (and everyone else).

Epoch Times: China’s state-funded BGI, for example, bought the U.S. sequencing company Complete Genomics, giving the Chinese company access to a DNA database that contained the private genetic information of large numbers of Americans.

Gryphon Scientific:
At least 23 companies with a nexus to China are certified .. by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), giving them direct access to US medical and health data. .. Theoretically, access to private information on security-sensitive US persons creates a risk of blackmail and may reveal health conditions exploitable in a targeted attack.

I've long since stopped blaming the CCP for everything. The above shows they work hand-in-hand with a bunch of western corporations - they wouldn't be able to achieve their advances in genomic-surveillance if it wasn't for those partnerships. The fact is, their broad goals align perfectly with other Globo-ORGS - globalized data control.

When these Org actors sold their souls to the devil, they used our data as currency.

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