The ORGS: UFOs/UAPs - Industry (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Thursday, August 10, 2023, 18:17 (347 days ago) @ dan

And another related question is with regards to UFO/UAPs. Assuming they have indeed been retrieved in the US, then it can be assumed they've been retrieved in other places around the world, and that would imply further cooperation.

Yeah, this is one of those movies where the corruption goes all the way to the top ...

So if one watches the news, one could be forgiven for thinking the world is about to blow up in WWIII. But is that all theater? It seems there's far more cooperation, even in conflict, than what we're led to believe. And this serves a function. It gives governments someone to blame.

It's definitely theater. Which we're required to watch as de-influenced audience - having surrendered any influence due to a long series of manufactured, ORG-empowering crises.

According to my analysis, WW3 won't be fought between super powers. Why would you do that when you've got everything running exactly how you want it? WW3 is GOD-ORGS V Individualism. It's in full-swing - i think we're losing. There's still hope - some signs of empires crumbling - but it's a window-thing - it will close soon.

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