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by dan, Monday, July 31, 2023, 11:53 (358 days ago) @ dan

Just to add to the RFK covid controversy, the media, for the most part, twists, obfuscates, or otherwise misrepresents what he said. Take this headline from CBS: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. condemned over false claims that COVID-19 was "ethnically targeted"

No. He never claimed that. They're lying.

The only source I've found so far that has the guts to actually post the recording of his comments and quote him is, believe it or not, The New York Post.

From that article:

“The @nypost story is mistaken. I have never, ever suggested that the COVID-19 virus was targeted to spare Jews,” he tweeted.

“I accurately pointed out — during an off-the-record conversation — that the U.S. and other governments are developing ethnically targeted bioweapons and that a 2021 study of the COVID-19 virus shows that COVID-19 appears to disproportionately affect certain races since the furin cleave docking site is most compatible with Blacks and Caucasians and least compatible with ethnic Chinese, Finns, and Ashkenazi Jews.”

And let's take another look at the Guardian story posted previously. The subtitle reads: Democratic candidate’s recent false claim that Covid could have been ‘ethnically targeted’ is not an aberration but fits long pattern.

How can an actual possibility be false? The science exists. Such research has been going on for decades. So, yes, covid could have been created to target certain groups. Or it could be targeting certain groups more than others, even if it did come from an animal host. The Guardian, to their credit, does bother to actually quote Kennedy, but how many people read entire articles and think about them critically?

Very few. They see these fire alarm headlines, denounce the bastard, and have some ice cream.

And even if one makes a statement, you can't say it's false until you prove it so. If I say covid came from a lab, it's incorrect to say that's a false statement. But he's not even doing that. He's not making a claim. He's simply pointing out a possibility.

The Guardian even did a story on bioweapons that target ethnic groups. Whoops!
EDIT: Here's another one. The first one was from 2004, the second from 2019.

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