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Australia Heatwave Jan 2019 (General)

by dulan drift, Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 22:33 (487 days ago) @ dan

Yes, that's my sense of it as well - big business just adapts short term - air conditioner sales go up, now it's over to Rick at the sports desk - and life goes on - till it doesn't

Heard a comment from an ex-Prime Minister here who is eyeing a comeback - when asked about climate change he said he was "more focused on bringing down electricity prices for average Australian families" - which translates as full steam ahead with fossil fuels

He then claimed "Australia only produces 1.9% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions so even if you closed down the whole Australian economy tomorrow then it wouldn't make any difference"

This is the kind of comment that annoys me. Apart from the fact that per capita Aus is right up the top of the world's biggest emitters, what the world needs now is leadership - not this selfish kind of thinking.

The fires are still burning away in Tasmania and Victoria though conditions are relatively benign - some heat and wind coming again tomorrow but not at that really scary level. Still got the whole month of Feb to get through though

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