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Australia Heatwave Jan 2019 (General)

by dulan drift, Friday, January 25, 2019, 14:16 (491 days ago) @ dulan drift

Fires are going in Tasmania and Victoria. The fires appear to be inside National Parks.

The main Victorian fire is in east Gippsland - a heavily forested area so hard to contain - though also means it's not in a heavily populated area at this stage - but could easily come charging out.

Residents of Timbarra, a small settlement were given the 'too late to leave' text warning.

No reports of extensive property loss so far though some towns are within seeing distance of the flames.

Conditions would seem to be easing - the cool change has come through - bringing a change of wind and some big gusts. if they can ride that out then should be ok for the time being.

Reports of a smoke column from the Victorian fire up to 10 000 (m?) high producing its own lightning! That sounds cool from an awesome nature view point but also highly dangerous from a death point in that those self generated strikes can ignite fire jumping over significant distances, in unpredictable ways - which I will definitely be putting in my fire disaster Hollywood blockbuster script when I write it!

The biggest danger is probably still when the next heatwave hits. With no real rain forecast for the next week it will be nigh impossible to extinguish the fires - contained is the best they could hope for. That means the next time there's 40+ and a big northerly, there's a big fire already in position, ready to explode. Traditionally early Feb is the hottest time.

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