Climate Change - Recipe for Corruption (General)

by dan, Saturday, September 30, 2023, 19:07 (296 days ago) @ dulan drift

I would add to your list. So far, you've identified:

- money
- non-accountability/secrecy

I would add:

Perceived necessity for the ORG, a perception that the ORG usually creates, but sometimes the ORG creates an actual need for this necessity. An example of this would be cars in the US. It's literally impossible to live even in most cities in the US without a car. There was a time when trains were ubiquitous in the US. Another example of this is GMO crops.

We have the 'war on terror' which is permanent, and which has morphed into the war on pathogens and viruses.

And there's something very profound happening right now that is setting the stage for the next big push into whatever privacy, freedom, and self determination we have left, and that is AI.

What's happening with AI right now dwarfs, well, everything. Let's take it on a simple level. Copyright. AI has done away with copyright, completely, already. This Hollywood writer's strike that was recently resolved? That's a last gasp effort to hold back what's coming.

And why? How? I've never been a fan of copyright, in fact I'm against it. But if I were to do what these AI corporations are doing, I'd be sued into poverty. But they are being celebrated.

This is going places that are very, very bad. That's not to say the tech is bad. It's agnostic and can do a great deal of good. But in the hands of ORGS, AI is their wet dream.

Here's an example. I plugged the following into chatgpt just now. Click on the links for results.

PROMPT: Write a summary in no more than 300 words of statistics surrounding the Morokot typhoon in Taiwan.

PROMPT: Write a summary in no more than 300 words of statistics surrounding the Morokot typhoon in Taiwan and provide references for your statistics.

The prompts are identical save for the second one asking for references. My point is that the first one is publishing this information without references. It's classic plagiarism. But the excuse is going to be, as it has always been, "It's the computer's fault," or, more likely, "It's the fault of the person who wrote the prompt." But what that misses is that the AI machine gathered this information for publication without the permission of the authors.

This is an overly simplified example of how AI is going to essentially rape people of their hard work.

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