Climate Change - a reassessment (General)

by dan, Thursday, September 21, 2023, 08:47 (306 days ago) @ dulan drift

One thing I'll add to this whole discussion is that the climate change, what, movement? It is creating entire new industries, money making industries, and one of the most elitist with the highest potential for profit is that of carbon credits. It's an enormous industry, and yet, it's rarely talked about. It's bizarre, really. The whole model shouts corruption and manipulation, with money being funneled straight to the power centers. And, let's note that it's essentially doubling (by method, not $, maybe more by $) the payments on energy -- pay when you get it and pay when you use it.

There are carbon credits and carbon offsets. Carbon offsets, if I understand it correctly, are 'credits' one can earn by capturing carbon, but of course this will be only implemented by huge corporations. Those offsets can then be sold to the poor fuckers who can't afford the newest, energy efficient factories, or to the rich fuckers who don't care about any of it anyway. It's a scheme, a scam.

There are shared concepts between the above comments, the article and this interview about the history of money. His point is that energy is a good thing, it's what has allowed us to progress as a species, and to now say it's a bad thing is absurd, particularly if we ask 3rd world countries to cut down on its use, thereby remaining poor and under-developed, and hence easy to maintain control over.

I think this is all part of the same plays to control. Control energy. Control money (which they are sort of losing control over due to physics and math). Control people.

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