Redacted stuff - Daszak (General)

by dulan drift ⌂, Sunday, June 06, 2021, 07:32 (1145 days ago) @ dan

The emails contain a lot of redacted material - the reason given is that it relates to an ongoing investigation.

This suggests our man, Peter Daszak, is in hot water. When he was putting out all that CCP propaganda i was thinking 'Pete, you must be very confident you're not gonna get caught - coz if you do, you're gonna go down as one of the greatest villains in the history of humanity'.

'Scapegoat' is not quite the right word coz Daszak deserves everything he gets for his lead role in (a) dangerous GoF experiments at WIV and (b) lying to cover it up - but this goes way way deeper than a rogue scientist.

Had a discussion/argument with a friend a few months ago - they said: 'So you're saying all these reputable science journals, Nature, New Scientist, Lancet, etc - they're all corrupt?'

I replied 'Yep' - though it sounded kind of incredible in my own ears. But given the misinformation they platformed - and the truth that they actively suppressed - it's an inescapable conclusion. (Breathtaking stupidity is the only other explanation.)

Then you've got all the media, big-tech, the politicians, the intelligence agencies, the entire WHO organization, famous universities ...

The enormity of this is staggering - which makes me worry 'How are we going to reform this when the entire system is rotten to the core?'

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