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by dulan drift ⌂, Friday, June 04, 2021, 07:27 (1080 days ago) @ dan

Here's something Dan - lead DRASTIC member, @Billy Bostickson, reached out to me about a year ago having somehow seen this thread (that dude is an intrepid researcher!) - we've maintained contact since.

We managed to play a 'small but pivotal' role in exposing the Proximal Origin paper by pointing out that the authors were up to their eye-balls in China ties, as well as documenting the fact that WIV was performing backbone insertions on viruses to make them more contagious.

Congrats to your little site, Formosahut - it has made a difference! Man, how i would love it if we could catch up for a mead or two to celebrate!

But hats off to DRASTIC. This could have gone either way - in fact it was looking for a long time like it was going to be smothered by the overwhelming force of big-everything - media, tech, science, politics.

This is corruption on an astonishing scale - that shit never stops by itself - never. It only stops when it's exposed and made to stop.

To do that it takes incredible dedication and persistence in the face of constant suppression and vilification. Drastic have broken through that finally and altered the course of humanity - that sounds ridiculous - but it's true.

They won't get the full credit they deserve as the media desperately covers their arses and pretends they've unearthed 'new evidence' as they take ownership of the lab-leak reality. But those who have been involved in the effort to expose this massive fraud know the critical role DRASTIC has played - and is continuing to play - coz this is far from over.

In the fullness of time, i trust that their relentless pursuit of the truth (all done for free Vs the billions paid to the experts to cover it up) will be enshrined in the history of Covid (with a tiny footnote for Formosahut!).

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