Chinese Influence over Scientific Experts (General)

by dan, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 18:56 (1328 days ago) @ dulan drift

I look forward to reading your analysis, but in the meantime there are two obvious, irrefutable examples of human manipulation of events leading to the destruction of our environment and economies.

The first is our inability to work together to address a pandemic. In itself, that is shocking. Given all the technology we have, particularly with regards to instant global communication and data transfer, it's astounding that we can't manage a wimpy virus like COVID. Imagine what a much worse virus could do, one with, say, a 30% mortality rate that transmits before symptoms are present and kills the healthy, not just the old and those with weakened immune systems.

But the far worse example is global warming. We're looking at one, maybe two more generations after which the human race is toast if radical change is not made now. It's surely entertaining to watch, as a good typhoon is, except this is the grandaddy of typhoons.

I go through cycles of having hope, thinking maybe the next generation will get it right, and just saying, you know, we don't have what it takes. Our brains are going to be our undoing. They led to our rise on the food chain, but they're just not up to the task of getting over all those animal urges, also produced in the same brain, of greed and self preservation.

Maybe some instinct will kick in universally that will allow us to cooperate and actually act as an organism, our species that is, as birds fly in flocks and ants do all sorts of crazy shit, maybe that biological trait is lying dormant in us and will rise when needed. Let's hope so.

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