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US Ends Restrictions on Taiwan Visits (General)

by dulan drift, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 09:07 (43 days ago) @ dulan drift

I don't know much about Mike Pompeo, but putting his Trump affiliation aside for a moment, the stuff he says about China/Taiwan/US relations - it's like i could be his speech writer.

Good to see the move to normalize diplomatic/governmental visits - why not? Taiwan is a democratic country - we're supposed to support freedom - why keep bowing to totalitarianism?

It also flushes out the crossover academics such as Evan Resnick, who described it as a "provocative...chaotic...imprudent" move to "fling mud in China's eye" and make things "harder for the incoming Biden administration".

I would have thought it would make it easier for Biden. Yes it's a provocative decision but it's a moral one, and Biden didn't have to wear the flak from making it. He's just gotta hold the ground.

The old idea - that if we're nice to China and do lots of business with them then they will eventually open up and accept democracy - it's naïve at best and a demonstrable failure. Not gonna happen. Contains interview with Tsai - she speaks pretty good English! Pompeo comments

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