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War in Taiwan (General)

by dan @, Sunday, August 09, 2020, 19:29 (209 days ago) @ dulan drift

Here's a very dark exploration into the potential for evil in the world, particularly among the very rich and powerful, those whose names we don't even know.

First, consider an agreed upon fake war to benefit both sides. This could be in the making now. It would be 'held' for the purposes of distracting each population from internal strife and for the concurrent building of nationalism and rallying behind each leader.

This may already be in the works.

But let's up the stakes. Civilizations are about to collapse due to global warming. Governments are under siege. The people are out of food and out for blood, and the simply very rich are starting to get executed and possibly eaten. The wannabe rich in the nice suburbs were grilled up weeks earlier.

A limited nuclear war would solve, or at least stall, global warming. Done correctly, at the correct level, it could actually reverse global warming. And, given that those in the know will be well out of harm's way, it would also serve to eradicate the annoying cannibals.

This sounds crazy, but it's not. We're now developing small scale nuclear weapons. When in history have we ever developed a weapon that wasn't used?

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