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PLA Airforce promo video (General)

by dan @, Sunday, October 04, 2020, 16:27 (152 days ago) @ dan

Trump getting COVID adds a new dimension to the China/Taiwan conflict. There has been a school of thought that the upcoming likelihood of a contested US election would provide an opportunity for China to make a move of some sort in the South China Sea due to the lack of clear leadership in the US.

Well, that scenario has gotten a huge boost with Trump getting COVID, and perhaps a bump up on the calendar. If Trump becomes incapacitated and Pence is in charge, and the Senate is in disarray because a number of its members are out with COVID, or any number of other consequences of this whole mess throws US leadership into question, then China will have a clear window of advantage. In other words, right now, the US is in a weakened state, and it could get dramatically worse in coming weeks.

If Trump is taken out of the election, then we're looking at something that has never before happened in the US, a presidential candidate dropping out, willingly or not, weeks before the election. Millions of votes have already been cast.

Even if he does continue to run, he'll be out of action for at least ten days, and it appears that many people at the core of his team are now coming down with COVID. What a movie this will make! You can't make this shit up and make it believable.

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