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Has Tsai called Biden to offer congratulations? (General)

by dulan drift, Saturday, November 14, 2020, 17:24 (111 days ago) @ dan

I'm not sure where this fits in. Perhaps because it's another example of explicit, physical intimidation on a remote island.

"A Taiwanese government employee ended up in hospital in Fiji this month after two Chinese diplomats stormed into a reception trying to gather information on who was attending, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said on Monday.

The confrontation broke out on October 8 when the Taiwanese tried to stop the Chinese diplomats from taking photos of guests at the event to mark Taiwan’s National Day, a ministry spokeswoman said in a written statement."

That became one of those 'suppressed stories'. Which is a worry. Coz it's an insight as to what all Taiwanese could expect if the island fell.

Also haven't heard a reporter ask:

"Mr Biden, has there been a congratulatory call from Tsai Ing-wen - and if there has - did you take it?"

The answer to that simple question would tell us a lot.

We're in an interesting phase right now. Trump potentially thinking well if i can't have the Presidency, i'll light the fucking joint up!

Apart from Covid running wild and deploying troops on the street to put down protesters, another good way would be to start a war with China. He hasn't been a war-monger president - so hopefully he won't do it out of spite.

According to this poll, 86.4% of Taiwanese believe only the people of Taiwan have the right determine the nation's future. 73.4% support a military/cyber self-defense, bolstered by international forces. But nobody wants a war. Get ready - fight it if you have to - but don't start it.

Tsai seems pretty brainy, so she doesn't need my advice - for sure she's got her dudes working on the cyber-stuff like crazy. Defensively, offensively.

I wonder if there's a cyber piece-of-the-puzzle that China is waiting to fall into place...? Turn off the electricity, as Dan mentioned, being the Holy Grail. If i was Xi, and anywhere near close to achieving that - that would make me very patient.

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