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Where's the Money come from? (General)

by dan @, Saturday, May 02, 2020, 14:57 (214 days ago) @ dulan drift

Very interesting. And of course once they do it, everybody else will. It gives governments enormous power and control over those people required to use the currency. They will know exactly what digital units of currency were spent on, when, and where it was spent. They'll be able to trace a unit of currency indefinitely. And since they pay people in this currency, they'll know exactly who is spending what, when, and where. And those people accepting it will, of course, also be identifiable; they'll have to be in order to use the currency.

It also means they'll be able to disable units of currency if, for example, someone's 'social score' gets too low or they say the wrong thing on a blog posting.

The difference with bitcoin is that nobody can control it and that it's decentralized. That's why governments hate it so much. They've been trying to kill it since it started, and it just goes up in value. Sure, it's down from it's peak of 20k, but it will pass that over the next year or two, maybe much sooner.

Money has changed dramatically, from sea shells to metals and now to bits of data and nothing more, nothing more at all.

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