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by dulan drift, Friday, April 10, 2020, 11:45 (326 days ago) @ dan

Very interesting. By far the most important question in this catastrophe is: How did this happen? We need to know this coz we don't want it to happen again in a few years time.

Right at the beginning there was a report in the Taipei Times referencing French and Taiwanese researchers who concluded that the virus was 'probably' man-made and 'probably' came from the Wuhan institute.

To me that seems a highly plausible explanation. The you tube video posted presents further evidence that manipulation of existing viruses is going on quite a lot - especially at the Wuhan institute. From there there are two possibilities: 1. It accidentally escaped the lab 2. It accidentally on purpose escaped the lab

Another curious point is that 3/4 of all cases in Chinawere from Wuhan. At first I thought China was fudging the figures but now I tend to think that they did contain it by rolling out a 'ready-to-go' people-control regime that seems a bit too well-prepared to be true - unless you knew something in advance.

Finally, i'm getting more and more suspicious about WHO and China's relationship. Tedros, the Secretary General, is from Ethiopia where he used to be a government minister - Foreign Affairs minister in fact, which, considering Ethiopia is known as the 'Little China' of Africa, means he was basically Minister for China. Since the outbreak, Tedros, in lockstep with China, has made one disastrous call after another. What's going on there?

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