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Australia Bushfire Season 2019-20 (Weather)

by dulan drift, Saturday, November 09, 2019, 12:33 (110 days ago) @ dan

Fire has been upgraded to 'emergency warning'.

Just received an evacuation message for residents of Terania Creek and Tuntable Falls - i'm not in those places but nearby in Nimbin.

Winds are mainly light from the south east but building and some big gusts are coming through. The fire would be creating its own wind as well. I'm confident that the wind direction means i'm not in any danger at this stage.
Temp is 29C, which is well down from 40C yesterday.

Looking at the fire map, the different sections of the fire have joined up and it's now at 2232 hectares - which is 2000% bigger than it was this time yesterday.

Can't see how they will be able to fight it as it's in inaccessible mountain country - they might try to light backburns but that could backfire. Firebombing is probably a waste of time at this stage as it's already too big - they'll probably hold off until it gets closer to private property. In addition, resources are stretched to the maximum so there may not even be any fire fighting helicopters or planes available



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