Robert Kennedy Jr (General)

by dan, Friday, May 19, 2023, 16:02 (431 days ago) @ dulan drift

Dan would know more than me, but Robert Kennedy is the only person i've seen that offers a genuine point of difference in the US Presidential election.

Actually, I haven't been following him closely, but I am familiar with his stands and controversial standing.

He's game to talk about the bleeding obvious - which may not seem like a big deal - but in a flat-earth society where the bleeding obvious is banned - that's important.

Yeah, but here's the thing. The Man has gotten so good at what it does that it can squash such personalities so easily. I mean in a soundbite it can kill someone's character. "He's a conspiracy theorist." Done. "He's anti-vax." Really done. He might as well be the plague personified.

He's raised intelligent questions about the origin of Covid, as well as vaccines & lockdowns. He makes the reasonable point that big-pharma is not to be trusted.

Yes! Indeed! But, again, the Man controls thought through social standing. It knows that individual are controlled through the acceptability of their thoughts. The threat of shame is almost as powerful as that of death, even more so for some people.

I now see that he's prepared to lift the lid on the JFK assassination - which, as we've discussed before, is likely one of the key mega-lies from history that set the precedent for other mega-lies to follow - such as Iraq War 2 & The Covid Atrocity. In fact, it made mega-lying standard operating procedure.

The thing about JFK is that all of those who remember it as part of their lives are dying off. It's a generational thing. Soon, when everyone over 50 or so today is dead, nobody will give a shit. Sad, but true. And the Man knows that.

Again, all he's saying is stuff that most people think, but he's a rare prominent figure (& nephew) who's prepared to voice it.

And that's why he can get away with it. He has the clout. You or I would just get scratched off people's Christmas card list.

I'll be interested to see how he goes. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, but i'm hopeful that's gonna resonate. He'll be facing a huge battle against MSM, who will refuse to cover most of his views, but he has the name-recognition to break through that.

I hope as well. Maybe I'm too pessimistic about human nature and potential. I hope I am.

Last poll i checked he was around 20% against Biden - that's not too bad considering the MSM headwinds. With the Primaries, the media is forced to cover him to some extent. He's up against a cardboard cutout - so it's not impossible his numbers could start snowballing.

Excitement is contagious, so if he can build on the momentum he's already generated, we might have someone who can shake things up.

You're right! Trump was not taken seriously shortly before he won.

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