Tokyo infections spike (General)

by dulan drift, Sunday, August 01, 2021, 07:19 (547 days ago) @ dan

I read an article today about, which city in Australia? Was it Sidney? Yes, here is is:
We have over 3,000 cases a day in Tokyo, but life goes on as normal, so how bad can that be? And those are just the tested cases, which means the real numbers in Tokyo are, what, double that? Triple? Quadruple?

And yet, it isn't killing many people. So what's going on?

Welcome to the Australian media!

Zero stories about how the Covid catastrophe originated but never miss a chance to whip up people's fears about the latest cases/variants.

Sadly, lockdowns have become hugely popular for politicians so with even one or two cases a whole state will lockdown. Was it Huxley or Orwell who talked about enforcement of totalitarianism, although directed from above - it's driven by the enthusiastic compliance of the mob? That's pretty much the case in Australia. Get your 80% compliance then round-up the rest.

Interestingly, after the air was taken out of the campaign to vilify the 'conspiracy theorists' - the media/experts/politicians/public simply moved onto new targets. If we were expecting: 'Shit, we really fucked up by shouting down those trying to uncover the truth - what the hell's wrong with our society!!!!?' - forget about it - the anger just moved straight onto the next outlet for opprobrium.

Luckily, the new villains include some of the original 'others'. Anyone opposing lockdowns-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, is seen as a 'Covidiot' and a 'super-spreader', while questioning the wisdom of foisting experimental vaccines on humanity will get you labeled as a 'murderer'.

Noticed recently signs that the Delta variant is now being blamed on the vaccine hesitant (i like to call myself vaccine-neutral - not pro or anti - just keen to know the facts). Because they didn't get vaccinated this allowed a new super-variant to 'incubate' and emerge. The beauty of this is that it doubles as convenient 'arse-cover' if vaccines fail to provide lasting protection. And more reason to enforce compliance.

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