IOC - John Coates (General)

by dan, Thursday, July 08, 2021, 17:34 (958 days ago) @ dulan drift

That's bullshit Dick. For a start the IOC didn't get rid of Coates - an admitted briber - it promoted him! Secondly, i don't buy the 'few bad apples' defense. As with Covid - the Lipkins, the Daszaks, the Dwyers - they didn't drop out of the sky and suddenly start behaving badly - they are the product of a culture that is corrupt to its core.

I think the thing the IOC, WHO, CDC, and savior-scientists have in common is that they're all somehow given a pass, at least initially, due to their profession, sort of like priests in the old days.

The Olympics have an aura of being Godlike, or somehow associated with the best that humanity has to show for itself. It's abominable to think that the people in charge could be just like everyone else, greedy as fuck, selfish, and corrupt when it's in their interest. Same goes for scientists in general but particularly with regards to medicine.

There are social and legal safeguards for the rest of us meant to keep us from doing the world too much damage as a result of our human impulses, and rightfully so, but those same safeguards are not in place or enforced for these super humans.

It's about time we're all held to the same standard.

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