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by dulan drift, Thursday, July 08, 2021, 11:51 (195 days ago) @ dulan drift

Get a load of this:

Richard Phillips: Olympic officials previously claimed that Sydney was corruption free and the 2000 Games would rehabilitate the IOC's badly-tarnished reputation. However, ongoing reports .. alleging improper dealings .. eventually forced Coates .. to make public hundreds of pages of internal documents relating to the Sydney bid.

Coates admitted that the night before Sydney won the 2000 Games, he offered more than $A50,000 each to the national Olympic committees of Kenya and Uganda and provided their delegates .. with expensive hotel accommodation in London and other gifts.

Coates also organised a place for Swaziland IOC delegate, David Sibandze's daughter at Sydney's International Catering Institute.

John Coates: Well, we didn't win it (the Games) on the beauty of the city and the sporting facilities we had to offer on their own, and we were never going to. We were mindful of the support that was being directed in Africa .. through the Chinese Government.

That's a full admission of bribery and corruption. His only excuse is 'Well, the Chinese were doing it'.

How on earth does Coates not get charged and serve jail time for that? He didn't even lose his job - in fact his power has continued to increase to the point where he's now in the top echelons of the IOC.

Dick Pound: (vote buying was caused by) a few bad apples and we will get rid of them.

That's bullshit Dick. For a start the IOC didn't get rid of Coates - an admitted briber - it promoted him! Secondly, i don't buy the 'few bad apples' defense. As with Covid - the Lipkins, the Daszaks, the Dwyers - they didn't drop out of the sky and suddenly start behaving badly - they are the product of a culture that is corrupt to its core.

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