The cluster fuck that is the 2020... I mean 2021 Olympics (General)

by dan, Tuesday, July 06, 2021, 16:36 (511 days ago)

I don't use profanity in a title lightly.

This article sums up the latest with regards to Japan's (or is it the IOC's) determination that the Olympics must, must go on.

The absurdity of all this has nothing to do with one's views on the pandemic, vaccines, travel, or the Olympics. The absurdity arises from the impossible logistics required, logistics that are already showing signs of strain.

But there's more to it than that. Is Japan truly a sovereign country? One could question that given this article.

TOKYO (AP) — The IOC vice president in charge of the postponed Tokyo Olympics said Friday the games would open in just over two months even if the city and other parts of Japan were under a state of emergency because of rising COVID-19 cases.

John Coates, speaking from Australia in a virtual news conference with Tokyo organizers at the end of three days of meetings, said this would be the case even if local medical experts advised against holding the Olympics.

So, we have the IOC spokesperson speaking for the people of Japan. Odd, given that Japan is a democratic country and he was never elected. And apparently what Japanese experts think or rule has no influence on this.

“The advice we have from the WHO (World Health Organization) and all other scientific and medical advice that we have is that — all the measures we have outlined, all of those measures that we are undertaking are satisfactory and will ensure a safe and secure games in terms of health,” Coates said. “And that’s the case whether there is a state of emergency or not.”

So again the WHO and some obscure body know as "all other scientific and medical advice" is making our decisions for us, without our input of course. On that note:

Public opinion is Japan has been running at 60-80% against opening the Olympics on July 23, depending on how the question is phrased. Coates suggested public opinion might improve as more Japanese get fully vaccinated. That figure is now about 2%.

Tough shit. The IOC doesn't care.

Coates left no doubt that the Switzerland-based International Olympic Committee believes the Tokyo Games will happen. The IOC gets almost 75% of its income from selling broadcast rights, a key driver in pushing on. And Tokyo has officially spent $15.4 billion to organize the Olympics, though a government audit suggests the real number is much higher.

So that's it. Again.

There are already reports of arriving athletes complaining about all the restraints severely hampering their ability to acclimate and train. This isn't an Olympics. It's a farce.

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